Reflection-Back Home

August 6, 2011 in Minimalist Summer Vacation 2011 by Lorilee Lippincott

We have been back from vacation now for a few days and already it seems like a dream.  I wanted to write up a final summary of the trip and our memories.

Best Place

Canada, so excited to finally go back after 11 years (over 20 since I was in Alberta where I was born).   Fun to see my dad and his place as well as the Canadian Rockies. 

Best Hiking

Grand Canyon.   It is just like climbing a mountain for distance except it is down first and it is hot instead of snowy.  Both improvements on a near perfect activity as far as I am concerned.

Best Food

Hottest food was in Oregon at our Thai restaurant, but our best food was where we stayed.  Dad, Megan, Jason and Gem all cook awsome! 

Best Beach

Cape Perpetua in Oregon.  Wish it was warm enough to swim but all the animals and the waves were awsome!

Best Road Trip Tool

Bryons blackberry and its ability to tether to the computer.  We used Google maps on the computer for everything (maps, restaurants, stores, etc).  Just days after we left on our 5 week trip we got notice on one of our rentals.  The internet in the car allowed us to get it rented while we were gone.  We signed papers an our after we drove back into town and only lost 3 days of rent.  That right there payed for a bunch of our trip.  Love technology.

Worst Money Spent

Most of the fast food we got.  Yuck!

Places we would want to go back

Pretty much all of it again.  There was lots more hiking in Custer State Park, Yellowstone, Banff, Kings Canyon and Grand Canyon that we wanted to do but ran out of time.  Probabaly we will look for a different place to travel next… maybe south east or out of the country… gotta save up. 




  1. Actually getting everything packed into the little car
  2. Finding out someone got killed by a bear the same day we were hiking in Yellowstone
  3. Going to the Calgary Stampede
  4. Ian climbing all the way up Sulfur Mountain and the Hot Springs with rain and lifeguards in winter coats (and hoods..zipped up)
  5. More snow than I have ever seen (always living in snowy climates) at Mount Baker… in July
  6. The Pacific coast being so much colder than I expected
  7. Sea life on the coast of Oregon and watching the kids play in the waves
  8. Big trees in California
  9. Smog :(
  10. Gas dropping .90 crossing between CA and AZ
  11. The most amazing hike down the Grand Canyon!
  12. Lots of kids fighting in the car

I think the kids are a bit bummed about being back.  Lily is complaining that her eyes hurt because there is nothing pretty to look at and that her legs hurt because there is nothing fun to climb.  Another day, another time.  For now, it is work and getting ready for homeschooling 2 kids this year.   Great trip!  Great memories!