I Am More Than A Mom

October 26, 2011 in Minimalist Parenting by Lorilee Lippincott

This past sunday the kids went to play at grandma’s for the day and Bryon and I wandered kid-less for a few hours downtown.  These are some of the pictures he took.

I want to start off by saying that in no way am I saying that anyone needs to be more than a mom to be fulfilled.  I am a stay-at-home mom.  I am also not saying that being a mom isn’t super important to me.  It is my biggest responsibility and my greatest job.

That being said, I am more than a mom. 

Becoming a mom is the single largest identity change.  Graduating from college, getting married, getting the corner office, none of these are close to the social change that comes from becoming a mother.  (probably the biggest personal and physical change too)

I was someone before I had kids, and I will be someone after they leave home.  I want my life and how I see myself as well as others and society to remember that identity. 

I am not talking about doing, this isn’t a post about working or non-working mom’s, I am talking about who I am.

I am:

  1. A strange combination of shy and bossy
  2. Outdoorsy, especially live for hiking
  3. Not a kid person
  4. Always cold
  5. A people pleaser
  6. Type A with a mix of hippy
  7. Spontaneous because I am such a planner that if I have the chance and time to plan it tires me out
  8. Loud guitar player (not good, but I love loud)
  9. Mostly vegan
  10. Concerned about the environment but more concerned about helping the people it is affecting now
  11. Concerned about animal rights but more concerned about child prostitution
  12. … wish I had dreads, but don’t have all the guts to pull it off yet
  13. Love non-fiction reading — positive, informative stuff
  14. Proud of my kids
  15. Sure the world is going to end, but convinced I need to trust God and enjoy life, only dealing with what can make a difference and not stressing about what I can’t change… or packing cans in the basement.   … this isn’t a problem we can work out or plan for beyond staying close to Jesus.
  16. Accepting of others but unsure how to culturally meet several
  17. Live life in fast/happy or slow/sad swing
  18. Don’t watch TV or movies much, I get too emotionally drained
  19. Don’t watch or read the news (see #15)
  20. Believe that most of life is what we create, how we respond and what glasses we choose to look through
  21. Not near as strong or healthy as I wish I was, but determined to keep working on it
  22. I don’t spell very whell
  23. Have been in 7 countries and really hope to multiply that by 10 or so if I get the chance
  24. Love my life
  25. In love with my husband more than when we were married

 Really this is a post about stereotypes (motherhood is just the big one I see everyday). It is hard with human nature to look beyond them.  But, I am learning the joy of taking the time to look past the outside and obvious parts of a person and finding some of their true self.  Often, even though the outside/obvious person doesn’t seem similar or have ‘friend potential’, the inside has pieces identical to mine.