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August 17, 2012 in Simple Home School by Lorilee Lippincott

Last Friday we took a trip to the river to explore.  Turned out cooler and the water higher than I had wanted but we got out to the sand bars and wandered around for a while.  We even got to watch a vulture eat a fish from pretty close up.

But where we really learned about current was last Monday when we went to see the President’s speech in Council Bluffs :)  People everywhere.

Bryon took the kids on Sunday to see if they could get tickets and they somehow managed to play cute enough to get VIP tickets.

Some background on my daughter – she is pretty president obsessed.  In school she has memorized all 44 presidents and she has learned that they hold the power in the country.  For the last few years her primary career goal was to be president.  (until last Monday that is).  She dreamed up new laws she would make all the time.  Her most important issue has become pigs.  She wants everyone in government to watch the movie Babe and make a law that people can’t kill and eat pigs.

Anyways, last Sunday night was pretty crazy.  Both kids were running around the house trying to figure out what to wear…. not much of a choice when they only have about 33 items, but it took a bit of discussing.

Here is Lily’s report on the day:

The President

We got up very early.  I stuffed toast and cereal in my mouth.  Plus I ran around brushing my hair, putting on jewelry, putting on my dress.  Finally we got in the car and rushed off to see the President.

The line was enormous.  But luckily because we had red tickets we could go farther.  We waited for a long time.  Then we went through metal detectors.  Then we waited and waited.  Then the President came.  Everyone went wild.  They screamed and whistled and waved their signs.

He talked and talked and talked.  Lots of people yelled. When I stood up I couldn’t sit down for a long time.  We ate lots of granola bars.  When it was over we drank lots of water.  The end.

She cracks me up.  Can you tell our lives revolve around what we put in our mouths :)

Monday morning started earlier than usual.  We left the house just after 7 so we could try and beat the rush hour traffic and get to Council Bluffs by 8.  I hate driving in new places but we survived and found a parking spot about 3 blocks away.  We showed up at the park before 8:30 only to see the line already 3 blocks long.  Thankfully we had our VIP tickets and that line was much shorter but the place was a mad house.  I am really not into politics or crowds, or crowds of people with strong political opinions.  We stood in wall to wall people for 1 hour before we were allowed into the park so we could stand in wall to wall people for another hour and a half.  … there is a reason I like living on the edge of city limits.

Anyway, through it all, we got to see the President of the United States!  Pretty close up too!

This isn’t a political post. I don’t know who to vote for yet.  But on the political side here is what I learned:

  1. There is a lot of hate between political parties… don’t know if anyone else out that day was an undecided voter but me (and I sure didn’t admit it).  The corner across from the park was covered with people picketing for the other political party.  My kids heard lots of bad language based on the back and forth.
  2. President Obama is a good speaker and comes across as a really nice guy. I would invite him over for dinner :)
  3. I saw no one in the audience there for the quote “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” — JFK (I think one of the great American Presidential quotes) The very strong feeling in the audience was the exact opposite.

oh, and it cured Lily of wanting to be the president when she grows up. Too many people following you around :)  Here is a look at his bus.  After the bus the motorcade kept coming forever!

(if you are reading RSS or on currents join us in the comments).  I love your comments but any negative comments will be removed.  I know politics is a heated subject for many people but this isn’t the post or the blog to start throwing hate :)

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