School – Back in the Day

October 5, 2012 in Simple Home School by Lorilee Lippincott

Way back, long long ago, back when there were covered wagons and sod houses, back when there was mostly prairie grass and dirt roads, back around the time Brenda was born (haha, just kidding.  I have to bug her cause she is older than me) there was a little school house in Nebraska.  Little, cute, and white :)

Now this school house is moved and at a park in Lincoln Nebraska and Lily was able to go and live it.  So fun!

Early Friday morning she showed up with her sunbonnet, prairie dress, apron, lunch pail and even homemade bloomers.  I married well :)  Grandma is an amazing seamstress.

She learned things like:

  • She couldn’t choose her seat and sit by her friend because she was short and had to sit at the front
  • All the girls had to sit on one side
  • To answer a question she had to stand up by her chair
  • School was very hard
  • They don’t give you enough time to write your spelling words three times on your slate

Love all the little sun bonnets :)

I didn’t get to stick around, I am sure she learned more, but this is what she told me.

Here is another super cute pic of her:

While she was in school we went on a hike and had fun with milkweed.   We also found an amazing nature center where Ian and his friend got to meet 2 rescued owls and touch a huge! (like 6 – 7 foot long) rat snake and an even bigger bull snake.  We also scored some owl pellets to dissect.  Here is a picture of the milkweed:

All and all a beautiful fun day full of lots of hands on learning :)

Thanks for reading :)