Are You Ready For A Minimalist Christmas?

November 5, 2012 in Minimalist Christmas by Lorilee Lippincott

I know Christmas is still a long way off… but I feel behind because other blogs have been blogging about it for at least a month already…. plus, I have plans and I know you are making plans so here is the Minimalist Christmas Planning post.

We did a Minimalist Christmas last year and it was a big hit.   The kids have asked me several times since then if we can do a Minimalist Christmas again… so, from the mouth of my babies it was a hit :)

What is the idea behind a Minimalist Christmas?

Holidays are awesome.  We need things to look forward too…especially when the weather is turning cold.  The whole month of December is full of cookies and happy music.  I love Christmas!

However, to often Christmas is simplified and overwhelmed by a main focus being put on the gifts.  There is so much more to Christmas and there is so much more to memories.  So, the idea behind the Minimalist Christmas is to:

  • Make it longer – cause it is a bummer when 1 hour of Christmas present opening is over for another 365 days.
  • Focus on memories
  • Focus on family
  • Eat good food  – really my favorite part of any holiday :)

What is a Minimalist Christmas?

Really you can take those ideas (give or take a few to match your family) and craft something to your liking.  What we are doing is stretching it for 7 days and each day will include:

  1. Small present – think new Play-Doh or crayons not new PlayStation
  2. Fun food treat
  3. Family activity

What we did last year was put the small present and notes for the other 2 gifts in their stockings.  When they woke up each day they ran to their stockings to find out what the day was going to include.  It was Christmas morning for 7 days!

You can set your budget for these things at anything you want.  The goal isn’t really to spend less money (though it is definitely possible), it is to create more memories and have more fun with the available money.

Want to try a Minimalist Christmas this year?

Everyone is going to be different on the number of days and the make-up of the actual gifts, but the goals are the same.  Last year I heard from several bloggers that they wanted to try it out so I wanted to try a link-up to see if we could see all share our Christmas adventures.

This is a welcome and introduction link-up.  If you are interested in doing a Minimalist Christmas and blogging even just a little about it, leave a link to your homepage or your about page here in the link-up.  I would love to meet you!

There will be link-ups to link your actual Christmas posts to coming around holiday time (I will e-mail you with details).  It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with and I know my kids would love to see what your kids are doing as well :)