Simple Challenge #11 – Double Challenge

November 25, 2012 in Simple Challenge by Lorilee Lippincott

How do your counter-tops look? I got back from vacation this week and my kitchen had some crazy times.  First all the unpacking and sorting, then all the restocking (we had nothing to eat in the house… I even had my fridge turned off to save electricity while we were gone), and Thanksgiving cooking.

However, nothing belongs on my kitchen counters and there is a special kind of sanity joy that comes from cleaned off kitchen counters.  …I might not have my life figured out or under control, but I can get my kitchen counter-tops cleaned off :)

I wanted to also clarify this past challenge based on feedback I received.  As a minimalist and focusing on simple living in this blog I am focusing on having less things – not having more organized things, or hiding things.  The point of this past challenge was for visual minimalism as well as a push to clean out extra kitchen clutter (on the counter or in cupboards where space needed to be created) that would be removed from the house for good.

An organized house is better than a disorganized house, but a simple house with less stuff is even better :) (tweet this)

Ready for a Double Challenge?

Trust me, it isn’t going to be that hard.  This week is going to be a fun week :)  By the end of the week we are going to start December, and it is one of the busiest months of the year, so this week is both easy and fun.

Part 1

Clean out your purse (or man bag or backpack).  This is one area where most people agree minimalism is best.  Only the most important things, and easily accessible.  I am against huge bags because it is to easy to let them collect things and impossible to find anything once they are full.

Part 2

We have done a lot of cleaning and hard work in the last 10 weeks.  As a second challenge to this week I want you to find a non-fiction book to read (ideally with a nice warm cup of tea).  Non-fiction reading in an area you would like to grow in.

What I have been reading –  Last week I read Graffiti (posted about it last Friday) about Alene’s work with the homeless.   I just started 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferris.  It is crazy long and I won’t finish it this week but I love how he personifies the willingness to try and learn anything  (it is 672 pages for $4.99, killer deal).

Have fun!