You Are a Minimalist

November 19, 2012 in Minimalist Tips by Lorilee Lippincott

Image: Bryon Lippincott

So often when people write me they start with something like this:

“I’m not a minimalist but ….”

Somehow people think that minimalism is something to attain, something to strive for but hard to reach.  Like you can only consider yourself a minimalist if you can put everything you own in a backpack or one load of laundry.

I’ve got news for you

You probably already are a minimalist.  You can own the title if:

  • You are consciously making choices for a simpler life
  • Don’t want your life to be defined by your material possessions
  • Are working toward keeping what you need and love and reducing clutter

Most people who write me fit this description… lots of people fit this description.  There is no test to become a minimalist, no maximum count of possessions, no test to take.  There is no ‘minimalism guard’ that grants the title.  Minimalism is a movement away from a ‘more more’ society and toward a ‘what I really value’ society.  If you are questioning the societal norm and moving toward owning and living what you really value – you are a minimalist.

This is important!

It is really important to be able to call yourself a minimalist.  It is a head thing.  When you are ‘trying to be more minimalist‘ or ‘looking at minimalism‘ you aren’t in it, you don’t ‘own’ it, you don’t really let it change you.

How we define ourselves dictates our behavior more than we realize.  Your actions will originate from who you believe you are.


Most of the reason we don’t say things like:

  • ‘I’m a minimalist’
  • ‘I’m an artist’
  • I’m a writer
  • ‘I’m a healthy weight’

…is that we are scared someone is going to disagree with us.  Right?  We are scared someone is going to say.  “No way, you aren’t a minimalist.  You have way more things than a minimalist!”

But there is a better chance that voice is in your mind.  We are terrified of the negative voices in our head more often than we are afraid of negative voices in our environment.  Yikes!  If there are very negative people in your environment you might not choose to say these things to them, but go tell it to someone else… even a stranger.  It feels great!

Own the title.  You are a minimalist.  Keep saying it to both yourself and others.  It will make a difference in the way you think.  I promise!