Christmas Week Book Giveaway #2

December 27, 2012 in Books on Simple Living by Lorilee Lippincott

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I hope your Christmas week is going well. I hope that you have been having fun, spending time with people you love, eating good food, and spending some time relaxing. Maybe even reading some good books.

Here is another book you could curl up on the couch with (accompanied by a few cookies and a cup of tea).

Giveaway #2 – Kingdom Journeys

Kingdom Journeys by Seth Barnes is a great book about the process of growing, finding ones self, following God, and experiencing the world. Find my original review here.

In the book Seth talks about our need, and our human desire, to leave what is familure and explore to really find who we are. He talks about how it is also a very important spiritual discipline.

The best part of the book is that it is packed with stories of people going on their own Kingdom Journeys. I am a huge sucker for stories and I loved it.

I really felt like I could relate to this book. Our family has felt a need to go, to explore, to leave what is familiar and easy, and see a different part of the world. Nothing has worked out yet, but I really felt like I could connect with several of the people in the stories.

So, for the giveaway of Kingdom Journeys

I have 1 hard cover books to giveaway.  1 winner will receive 1 copy.  Entries are not limited to the US but I will only cover shipping to the US.  If you would like to cover the extra shipping to your country please feel free to enter.  Entries need to be by readers 18 years of age or older.

To enter simply leave a comment on this blog post between now and the end of the year (central time).  You may only enter once for this book but you can enter for the other giveaways later this week.  (one entry per book).  For legal reasons I also have to say that I am not liable for any damaged caused by this giveaway or any injury caused by this book.

It is not required that you share this giveaway on social media but I would love it if you would share it with your friends :)

Stay tuned for another giveaway tomorrow! (and make sure to check out yesterdays if you haven’t already)

Congratulations to winner Kay C