Minimalist Christmas

December 25, 2012 in Minimalist Christmas by Lorilee Lippincott

We have had another wonderful Christmas this year! Our Christmas has lasted 7 days and is finishing today.

Recap on what we have been doing. 7 days, 7 gifts, 7 treats, 7 activities and Christmas morning excitement for 7 days :) We have left presents and notes in their stockings and they have had lots of fun being surprised every morning.

What I didn’t do a good job of this Christmas was visually recording our adventure. With all the travel we have been doing and dealing with some other big changes I just wanted to take the time to enjoy the time with the kids. … thoughts of blogging and pictures were set aside more than I planned, but it was great! The pictures we did get were inside without good light and didn’t turn out well. … so I apologize for not having better pictures.

Here is what we did:

  • Wednesday – They each got a puzzles, went out for German food for supper, bowling
  • Thursday – They each got a book, pizza, movie night with their choice of snacks
  • Friday – Lily got fuzzy socks and Ian got a Toy story shirt/boxer set, visit to a chocolate shop, making cookies
  • Saturday – They got a picture memory book of our last year, played in the snow with friends, cinnimon buns
  • Sunday – Lily got a chess set and Ian got a transformer, game night, they got to pick their own treat (ice cream)
  • Monday – They each got a science kit, waterpark, went out for supper with cousins
  • Tuesday – They each got another science kit, Christmas at Grandma’s house, lots of Christmas treats :)

This year was a bit different because we were up in Minnesota for work last Wed-Fri. Bryon only worked half days Wed and Thur and we drove back Friday so he was around for all the fun, but planning things to do was a bit harder up there. Either way I think they kids had fun.


  • Lily’s favorite part of the Christmas week was her fuzzy socks
  • Ian’s favorite part was eating out with his cousins
  • Bryon’s favorite part was making word puzzles for the kids that they had to unscramble before they could figure out their activity and treat.
  • My favorite part was taking the time to hang out with the kids for 7 days. I spend all my time with them since I stay home and homeschool them, but so much of our time is trying to get work done or trying to fit my writing in. This week we could mostly turn off the computer, put away the books, and just play.

The goal of our Christmas was to create a memory for the kids and help they understand that memories and time together is more important than lots of material gifts. I think they had lots of fun.


For those interested in the money I didn’t do as good tracking it as I did last year.  Gifts cost about $40, the bowling and German food were about $60 together, the pizza cost about $25, the waterpark was a gift from my mom and Bryon’s dad took us all out for supper on Monday.  The other things were all small.

How was your Christmas? How did you make it special and bring the focus to relationships?
If you are a blogger and you have posted (or will post) about your plan you can link up your post here.

I would also love to hear what you are doing in the comments!
Now I am off to curl up and enjoy the rest of the day with family :)