Simple Challenge #12 – Ship it out

December 2, 2012 in Simple Challenge by Lorilee Lippincott

How did the last double challenge go? How have the challenges in general been going?  What have been your favorite and most challenging so far?

The purse and the book were both fun for me last week.  I found a new purse and I just got a book from one of my favorite authors.  (I plan out the challenges several months ahead, so I got lucky on timing :))

My last few purses (and as a minimalist I just have one at a time) have been from Goodwill.  The last one didn’t last as long as I thought it should, but it cost less than $5 and was re-using something someone else might have thrown away.  This time I splurged on a $10 purse.  I love buying used :)

Here is what I’ve got:

 Wallet, checkbook, gum, glasses, pen, phone, keys, chap-stick, lip gloss, lipstick, small kit with scissors and tweezers, and a kindle.   My clutter problem is always receipts…. they seem to stack up and pile up in the bottom.

I have been reading The 4-Hour Chef this week.  I haven’t finished… or come close yet, but it is almost 700 pages and I read pretty slow.  I am loving it and because I can put it in my purse with the kindle.  It is easy to fit reading it in whenever I get a bit of extra time.  It has been inspiring me and I cooked a bunch of fun stuff last week :)

Ready for this weeks challenge?

Pretty basic this week.  Can you fill up a bag and donate it?  Not trash, and not stuff you want to sell.  One big donate bag.

Find a bag now and watch for things all week to add to it.

Good luck!