Simple Challenge #14 – Big Stuff

December 16, 2012 in Simple Challenge by Lorilee Lippincott

When you set up the Christmas tree how long did it take?  How much did you need to move?

What about getting ready for company this season?  How much stuff needed to be moved to make room for company?

Sometimes clutter seems to be what gets under foot, but that isn’t the only clutter.

Ready for the next challenge?

Simple Challenge #14 – The Big Stuff

Could you get rid of a piece of furniture this week?

Furniture is pretty highly prized in our culture but is all if it really needed?  It takes up more space and it gives more horizontal space to fill and often more drawers to fill too.  Extra furniture is a extra stuff ‘magnet’.

Can you get rid of something you already had to move this season?  Something you have never really liked?  Something that is now empty because you have cleared it out already?  Something that never really matched the room?  Something you always have to walk around?

Good luck!  And enjoy the week before Christmas :)