Simple Compassion – Giving Christmas

December 18, 2012 in Simple Compassion by Lorilee Lippincott

Image: by zirconicusso

Want to know the best Christmas gifts?  The gifts that will be treasured?  Gifts that someone will be excited about?  Gifts that won’t be forgotten, won’t be re-gifted, returned, or given away? Gifts that can literally change someones life.

I have talked about these a little bit but I wanted to highlight them in their own post.

Charity Gift Catalogs

These things are amazing!  It is amazing to see how much such a small amount of money can do.  What do you spend on gifts?  $10? $20? $50?  What do you spend for holiday work gift exchanges or on store bought cookies for holiday parties?

Could you add one more person to your list?

What if you asked others to spend what they would spend on you, for something you probably don’t even need, and give it to someone else?

Holiday gift catalogs are the perfect thing.

The hardest part is looking through them and deciding what to get.  This is holiday shopping at it’s finest.

Here are two catalogs that we shop out of:

World Vision

With World Vision you could:

And lots more.  Search their catalog here.

Samaritans Purse

  With Samaritans Purse you could:

  •  Get clean water for a family (share of a well) for $15
  • Teach a child to read and write for $15
  • Baby Chicks $14
  • Fruit Trees $45


Search their gift catalog here.

Merry Christmas week!