God’s Will – Stepping Into It

March 27, 2013 in Simple Religion by Lorilee Lippincott

God's Will - Simple Living - Organization - Minimalist LivingImage: Bryon Lippincott Photography

Because I am a Christian, and I believe God’s will for my life is my best life possible, I have always been very interested figuring out God’s will.

I study and I pray.  I wish I could hear God like Abraham, or get clear signs like Gideon.  But as much as I have tried I find it hard to know what God really wants me to do.

I am embarrassed to say this as a Christian.. I believe God’s will is the most important thing to do.. and I am not always confident in what that is.

Finding God’s Will

There are some pretty obvious things I know are God’s will.  I know I need to:

  • Love and accept Him
  • Learn about Him
  • Love other people (even people I don’t like)
  • Follow what He says in the Bible (pretty much a catch all for a bunch of other God’s will kind of stuff)

This helps if I am thinking of robbing a bank or dealing with starving children – I know exactly what God’s will is in this situation.  But lots of my life isn’t like this.

How am I supposed to know what God’s will is day-to-day?

I believe my job as a mother is very important and taking the time to spend with my kids is definitely following God’s will.  I also think he wants us to live in the present and enjoy living – it is a gift to us everyday.

But beyond that?  What am I supposed to do?

I think this question paralyzes more Christians than just me.  We pray and look for big signs… we don’t want to screw something up – we need it to be really clear, right?

We are much more likely to pick up small tasks, like helping with church in some way, to follow God’s will.  But we find ourselves sitting and waiting before we make any big change to our life.  We want to be certain of a calling – have clear directions.

But it hit me a few weeks ago.

Do we feel called to living the life we (as Christians in a first world culture) are currently living?

Do we feel called to follow societies mold by living in a big house, having lots of things, and working for the next step in life’s ladder?

Um… I sure didn’t

But this so often seems to happen.  We continue on thinking we are doing what we are supposed to be doing just because it is comfortable and it is what other people agree with.  Just because it is easy and expected doesn’t mean it is God’s will.

BUT if we don’t feel called to what we are doing currently and we don’t feel called to a drastic change than what can we do? This is the really cool part.  

We start taking steps!

We start taking steps ‘following our heart’ (to use a non-religious term).

God can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving and he can’t steer you when you aren’t moving.

I believe He gives us ideas, talents, and interests (as long as they don’t involve robbing a bank) that lead us toward what He wants us to do.

Sometimes I feel guilty following my own interests thinking it is selfish and not focused on God, but I have seen God work through them.  I am slowly learning that unless I feel called to where I am currently there is probably somewhere else I should be and if I am moving God can direct me.

I never saw a spiritual reason for adopting minimalism but my clutter was driving me nuts.  Now that I look back I am confident that it is (and was) God’s will for me. 

Is there something you have been interested in trying, a place you have wanted to go, something that you have had a nagging feeling about?

Maybe this is God’s will for you.  Pray, move toward it, and keep praying for direction.

… unless you feel called to your current situation.