Simple Living Challenge – Week 4

July 22, 2013 in Simple Living Weekly Challenges by Lorilee Lippincott

Simple Living Minimalist Challenges - organizingImage: by antpkr

Welcome to Simple Living Challenges week 4.

Every Monday we have a challenge, every week of the month has a theme.

Week 4 our theme is evaluating our progress and dreaming of the future.

In today’s challenge we are going to focus on something really easy and really practical.


Simple Living Challenge – Write it Down

Want to accomplish a goal?  Want to change your life?  Want to remember things better?  Write it down.

For our challenge today I need you to have something to write on and something to write with – ideally a notebook.

… go get something, I will wait :)

There are three  main reasons we are going to write things down.

  1. Goals written down are much more likely to happen
  2. Things written down are much more likely to be remembered. (Some studies suggest  you can take your retention from about 10% reading information to 75% when you take notes… but different sites have different percentages.  The point is, you remember much more)
  3. Writing ideas down helps you organize and fill out your thoughts better.  What may seem to make sense in your head, will get many more details added if it gets put on paper.

Got paper and pen ready?

Now I want you to dream and brainstorm about the following questions:

Take some time and be as ‘wordy’ as you can.  There is a lot.  If time is limited feel free to print the list and look at a few questions a day. Skip questions that don’t jump out at you and feel free to add questions you think of as you go along.

  1. How have I simplified my life?
  2. Why am I simplifying my life?
  3. What changes have I noticed since I started simplifying?
  4. What first interested me in minimalism (or simplification)?
  5. How would I define a simple life?
  6. How close am I to my definition of a simple life?
  7. What are the three biggest barriers to me getting to my ideal simple life?
  8. What is something I can do this week to start removing these barriers?
  9. What does it mean to be content?  Do I act content in my speech and actions?
  10. What external motivation (reading, friends, other) do I have in my life that are encouraging me to my ideal life?
  11. Which areas of my life need to be simplified the most?
  12. What is my purpose in life?  (if you don’t know, spend some time in prayer and trying a few different things out)
  13. Where am I working according to my purpose this week?
  14. What do the people closest to me need from me the most? (spouse, child, close friend, other)

Write, write, write.  Think, dream, reflect.  

Where are you at now?  How far have you come?  Are you headed in the right direction or do you need to make changes?

Quiet times thinking and writing have made the biggest difference in my life.  Doing these exercises have helped me in my simple living, my relationships, my spiritual life, and my writing.

I hope you  have a wonderful week!