Starting the two day drive home today. Originally we were going to come home now. Then when we were leaving we figured we would add on a few days at the end if we could save enough money. Now that it is the end of vacation we are not sure what else we want to see and we have things we need to figure out at home… and we have spent a bunch of money.. so we are headed back as planned.

We had the choice of going through Mammoth Caves National Park or Nashville and we went for the National Park. Someday it would be cool to go through Nashville too. I didn’t know much about the caves except for finding them on the map but they were so cool. Turns out they are the longest cave in the world at 392 miles of mapped passageways with still lots left to explore. … but only 12 miles is open for tours. We did two – two hour tours with a total underground of almost 4 hours. It was so fun.

Lily was pretty scared at first when we went down about 300 feet down via a narrow stairs and huge vertical columns but she ended up enjoying the day. The tours we did (the New Enterance Tour and the Historic Tour) all had electric lights, stairs, and paths. It isn’t an easy tour (the first one had over 500 stairs plus the walk and the other one was similar) but it sure wasn’t an actual caving experience. Perfect for taking the kids and just having a few hours to stop.

Both kids liked the ‘Fat man’s misery’ part of the Historic Tour. It was a really narrow passage where they were allowed to touch the rocks. It was pretty cool. It was a round passageway that the water had hollowed out a channel in the bottom like a key-hole.

That was the last vacation stop, now it is just headed home.

  1. jessy says:

    glad you had a safe trip! i have loved seeing your pictures! we used to live close to mammoth caves when i was little & have lots of great memories exploring that area!

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