Day 40 – Home

November 25, 2012 in Road Trip 2012

Here is where we started:

Day 1

Here is how we ended:

In between Day 1 and Day 40 we have driven from Omaha to Chicago to DC, down the coast and through Florida and back up through the Smoky Mountains ending back in Omaha.  We camped, hiked, learned, Disney-ed, beached, were both too hot and too cold and did a lot of car cooking.  Through it all we survived as a family of 4 in a super small space :)

To be honest I am not ready to be home yet. It is nice to see my own bed and be able to cook a decent meal in my kitchen… but everything else I just don’t feel ready to go back to. I love wandering and am not looking forward to the routine of ‘real life’. I have always thought it would be so cool to figure out a way to make money on the road or hiking.

As far as the money goes we came in really close. Our budget for the trip was $3000 plus $500 for Disney and we came in under by a few dollars (but there was probably a few dollars we missed). We spent about $350 on the doctor and medicine down in Florida that we didn’t count and my mom gave us our anniversary gift to pay for part of Colonial Williamsburg. We ended up doing more hotels than we planned but we did more cooking than we planned as well.

All in all a really awesome trip! We have now been to all but 12 states as a family.

Here are our favorites of the trip:

  • Bryon – Savannah, Smoky Mountains, DC
  • Me – DC, Florida beaches, Smoky Mountains
  • Lily – Vising cousins, celebrating birthday on the trip, Library of Congress
  • Ian – Disney world, visiting cousins, Library of Congress, Savannah

There was lots that we weren’t able to see along our way because of time and lots of areas where we would have spent more time. Maybe we will get out here to explore so more in the future :)