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All Done-May 7, 2011

We are all moved. Got our house all cleaned, fixed and handed over to renters. It is almost 80 degrees this afternoon and our to-do list for the weekend is short and simple.

I may not always like living in a small place but for right now I am loving it. Wanted to write and describe our new ‘nest’ a bit more.

We are in a 920 sq ft apartment. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and laundry. It is a great set up with the bedrooms on opposite sides and the living space in the middle. Lots less closet and cupboard space than we are used to but it has worked out so far. My favorite is that we are on the 3rd floor with a huge deck facing south toward the green space between buildings. Tough moving in and not close to parking but once we are up here it is beautiful. The apartment isn’t new or fancy in any way but it is close to so many things. We have walked to the library twice. We can do grocery shopping, go to parks, restaurants, even go to the mall easily all within 1 mile of easy to follow sidewalks. With the weather turning nice I am pretty excited.

Next plan… vacation up to the northwest hopefully.