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Clarity of Simplicity, Joy of Minimalism-June 13, 2011

Driving Saturday my husband turned to me and said “I am so glad we have simplified everything”.

We have been reflecting on our past 6 weeks or so we have been ‘simplified’ and moved into our apartment as well as reminiscing on the almost 4 months it took us to get everything cut back.  There has definatly been a few things I wish I would have kept but most of it I have to try hard to remember.  

The closest way I can come to describe our simplifying materialy is weight loss.  My largest physical time has been with both pregnancies where I gained around 60 pounds with each.  (for only 39 week pregnancies).  Near the end I could barely move, I even had to get out of bed a few times so I could roll over.  Loosing that weight over the year following both always felt so good.  Gaining back the movment and flexability was new and refreshing.   

With the simplifying it felt the same in many ways.  With every car/van/truck load we got rid of it felt lighter.  There was less to deal with, less to worry about, less to keep up, easier to find the keys…. you get the idea.  Now if I want to dust or vacuum there is just a few things to move.  We can leave for a month and there is nothing that needs checked on.  I can spend my evening doing yoga and blogging instead of cleaning the kitchen and picking up hundreds of toys.  It is this great spot that combines joy and relief. 

Wanted to share another blog I found that talks about some major thinking shifts with minimalizm (I think this is the correct term for the simplifying we have been doing).  A quote from the end of the article reads:
    “Nobody can tell you where your heart will lead. Your soul must speak for itself. But rarely will it ask for more money, possessions, fame, or power. It will usually ask for something far more counter-cultural than those.”

I am still wanting to compile several other experiences others have had in simplifying, if it is a big garage sale, to cleaning out the garage so there is room for the car or some other way.  If you have something you are willing to share I would love to collect several for a blog post.

Happy reading and goodnight!


  1. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment from Megan

    “Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read. Lately I too have been feeling like I am drowning in stuff. The sad thing is most of it I can’t even remember where, when or why I even got it. God recently gave me a huge wake up call in this area. Over the last couple of years I had become a person who wanted more and bigger things. I rationalized it by saying it wasn’t for me, it was for the kids or for when my family came to visit but in reality it was just one way I was letting Satan take my focus off of Gods plan for my life. The eye opener was when I wanted to move to another state so bad just so I could have a bigger house (for when family or friends would come to stay). See there’s the rationalizing again. However when the doors didn’t open for us to move I really felt God saying can’t you just be happy with what I am providing for you instead of having to have more or bigger things. Once I accepted that I didn’t need THINGS my life became happier, more calm and deffinatly less weighted down. Believe me I have a very long way to go but slowly and surely the simplicity that you are talking about will deffinatly be felt in this home as well. I really believe the more stuff we pack into our homes and lives the farther away we puch God. That’s just my opinion. :)”

  2. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment from Lorilee

    “Yeah, the rationalization can go on forever. I sure don’t have simplicity figured out but it helps me a bunch to write about it and collect my thoughts. For me I have used lots of stuff/business/jobs to define me. My name is Lorilee and I am a….. I want to know who I am under all that. Under the education, the stuff, the job etc. If I really believe God loves me just the way I am I should be able to love myself without all the extras. I want to teach this to my kids as well. The stuff we pack in pushes us further from God, our families/friends and ourselves.”

  3. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment from Brenda

    “While getting ready for this move I have got rid of a lot of stuff and it does feel good! However, It depends on each individual whether a lot of stuff distances you from having a solid relationship with God. One can still spend time doing household stuff and make time for quality time or a few minutes here or there. I can have stuff and my kids can have more than five toys to play with, and I can still spend quality time with my family and God. I will never be a minimalist because I don’t think it’s needed for me but it’s interesting for me to hear about.”

  4. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment from Lorilee

    “I think ‘to much stuff’ is different for everyone. I think it is just really important to question culture and take from it the parts that work for me at a particular time and what doesn’t. I liked the minimalize and enjoy it (right now at least) but what I really loved is the intentional living that it brings out. Choosing how I am going to live my life instead of just going with the flow.”

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