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Cleaning Out-March 31, 2011

So, a few mornings ago my son, Ian (4) climbed into bed with me and said “Mommy, can we go to a hotel today?”  The whole moving thing and changing seems to be hardest for me.  I was all worried that the kids would have trouble parting with so much stuff and the place they have known for most of their lifes but they are super excited.  They keep finding other things in their rooms they want to ‘give to some other children’.  

In the last week since we got our house rented we have gotten rid of another few car loads of stuff.  We also got rid of our last cat last night.  That was hard.  However, it doesn’t make sense to keep a house just so you can keep a cat.  We found her a good home. 

Now we are just trying to find an apartment.  I am paralized by indecision whenever I come accross a choice and this isn’t an exception.  Pretty close to getting something temporary worked out because the one we want is not available now. 

So, I have been having a hard time putting into words why we are moving so I am going to try and practice with typing:

1.  I am trying to avoid a breakdown, need to destress for health reasons.  I want less to clean, less to mow, less to pick up. 
2.  We would like to save up some money and have more cushion in our budget.  Whenever I tell people we are moving I feel I need to add that we arn’t under forclosure, behind in bills or eating ramen.  God has blessed us, but I would like to use more money for saving, helping others, and spending fun time with the kids.  
3.  I like the green idea of living in a smaller more efficient place for the benefit of the enironment. 
4.  We would like to move out of this area to a warmer area.  We have tried looking and applying for places but nothing has come up yet.  Cutting down on our stuff and getting our house ready and rented now will make it much easier when we are able to figure out moving. 

Got a bunch more fun books to read this month.  Will try and write about some of them.  It helps me process ideas so well to write. 

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  1. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment for Gem March 31

    “It sounds like a lot of hard work getting rid of stuff but also quite an adventure. My husband and I were talking a couple of nights ago and I told him that I wasn’t really worried about the concept of moving to a different part of the country, or the world, just the actual implementation.* We just have so much STUFF it can feel quite confining at times.

    I remember my college days when it was so easy to decide to swap schools a year at a time 🙂

    * We don’t actually have any specific plans to move somewhere else. However, we’ll probably be ready for a change of some sort in a year or two.”

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