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Day 1-Dec 14, 2010

Currently we are on a case study. We have taken a 3+ month job 5 hours from home. I am sitting in a hotel room with only a couple bags of stuff. I got my kids and our school books. I am using time I would have spent cooking, cleaning, running around on different projects and filling our evenings with extra work thinking, hanging out with my kids and typing instead. I wanted to read ‘Walden’, but only got a few pages into it last night. It is an exercise in focus and patience. The goal, if this works is to seriously cut down on our stuff and move into a much smaller place and work less and travel more. My kids are only young for a while, I am only young for a while. I want to experience stuff with them before they get too busy, and I want to experience it myself before I need to bring a bag of meds with me and make sure everything is accessible.