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Febuary Progress-Feb 15, 2011

So it has been a while since I posted.  Things have been pretty crazy but I wanted to write a bout where we are now.  I started this blog in an attempt to record and keep myself focused on simplifying my life.  We have been living about half the year so far in a hotel room about 5 hours from home following travel work with our construction business.  I have loved the lack of stuff, both material and schedule wise.  I love people, I have a full and crazy life as a stay at home mom, home schooling, volunteering where I can, and helping my husband run 3 businesses but it has been awesome to just sit and do nothing or have whole days to plan as we go. 

So we have decided to seriously cut back on the material stuff in our life.  We have our house on the market to rent, have already sold about $600 in furniture, and are looking for smaller housing options.  We currently have about 2000 sq ft and are looking to try living in 600-800 for a while.   More space seems to end up with a need for more nice furniture to fill it, more toys the kids don’t play with (or can’t find all the parts for), an more space to clean.  Just a theory but I am tired of life always getting bigger and fuller and maintaining it all.  I want time and space for what is most important.  Not only that, it will allow us to free up money to save or spend on what we feel is more important. 

I am sure it sounds a bit crazy but I am excited.  Wanting to be intentional in our housing.  Wanting to be intentional about our location and work as well but we haven’t figured that out yet.