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Fourth Secret

I watched the fourth secret last night.  I love these programs, but our days are getting busier and busier with very little time till vacation.  I have been trying to cram watching the programs into our evenings (because the kids won’t watch them) with all our other vacation planning.

Secret #4 was Enjoy More

Dr Izzo talked about being present and focusing on one thing at a time.  As I was listening to him I was blogging, talking to my husband, and cooking supper.  So I was failing at this secret bad last night. 

This is a secret that I have really tried to focus on applying with my kids.  So many times I am trying to teach them their school work while I am cleaning the kitchen, trying to cook while they tell me jokes, checking my e-mail while they show me a picture.   Life trains us to be so busy all the time that it feels weird to focus on one thing.   Since our move I have had much more time and I am really enjoying it but I have found ways to fill it (like starting 2 blogs and reading a bunch more books).  I have a real hard time doing less, … it is something I crave.  I really need to figure out how to be present and focus on my kids, and only my kids more. 

The other thing he talked about that kept us from really enjoying life was running through life always thinking (or saying) “I will be happy when….” “I can’t wait till…”.  I remember as a kid waiting and wishing for my birthday or Christmas for months.  Now I couldn’t wait till the kids are out of diapers, we go on vacation, hubby gets a contract, we finish the move, the kids grow up, we get more money in the bank…. you get the idea.  It is hard not to fall into this trap. 

I need to be happy now, with what I have.  I need to be present in the moment and really savor everything it has to offer.  

Simplifying my life has added to this a bunch.  Simplifing takes out the distractions (or tries to) that get in the way of this.  Realizing what I really want in life and cutting out most other things allows me to be content in the present.  The big change for us was cutting out the house and using the extra money for vacations.  To someone else it might be the opposite.  The point is that no one can have it all and, if I try to have it all I just stress out.  Choosing to spend our time and money on what we (my family) most values has been awsome. 

Life is a gift.  Everyday I am given to live I will be greatful.  Everyday my friends and family are given that I can enjoy their presents I am grateful.  There is a point where it all ends, that is guarenteed in this life, but it is much better to focus on what we are given and enjoy it!

Reflect More, Risk More, Love More, Enjoy More….. going to watch the last one tonight.