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Goals-April 12, 2011

I just finished John Robbins book “The Food Revolution”.  Ever since I started reading it a few weeks ago I have wanted to blog about it.  It is good stuff.  I like his style, logic and amount of supporting information.  However, I am now done it and still, don’t really know how to break it down for a blog.  I can’t summarize it.  It is just full of stuff that everyone should know.  So, I won’t blog about it.  I will just say that it is awsome information that everyone should know but isn’t told.  We can make a difference on this planet one person at a time, for the right reasons, and in the most effective ways.

So then, I read ‘The 7 Secrets to get out of Hyperdrive’.  It had an awsome introduction, I was really excited about it, but than the actual book didn’t really say anything that ground shattering.  So, … can’t blog about that one either.  I think everyone should get out of Hyperdrive, but that book didn’t really provide any help.

So, last week I finished.  ‘The Power of Thinking Big’.  It was an interesting read.  Written in the 50’s, the format and language was different.  I think it was one of the initial books on the topic and have had it quoted several times in other books.  The way we think affects our physical and emotional health, our relationships, our job and our finances so much it is definatly worth working on thinking ‘correctly’ (big and positive).  In this book it talked about the importance of making long range goals.  I am going to take a stab at formulating where I will be in 10 years.  I will try and be measurable, which is so important, but not easy.

Spiritually-In the next 10 years I want to be intentional about growing this area into a deeper relationship with God and not just theologically more educated. 

Marriage-In 10 years I want to be married to the same man 🙂  That is measurable.  I want to understand him better and learn how to help him more.

Parent-In 10 years I still want to have at least 2 kids.  I want them to be growing spiritually, socially, scholastically at their own speed and be fully supported.  I want them to know: that they are 1)That they are loved by God 2)That their parents believe in them 3)To believe in themselves.

Financially-In 15 years I want to be retired so in 10 years I want to be 5 years from retirement.

Work Life-Right now I have been devoting my main energy to my kids.  In 10 years I still see that possible.  I am homeschooling and I don’t know how long that will work the best for the kids.  However, in 10 years I want to have the education credentials to work in natural health and disease prevention.  I am still researching what path/certification/additional degree would be the best fit for me. 

Service-In 10 years and for the next 10 years I want to be active in time and money to help in my community and around the world.  We are so privilaged.  We did very little to control where we were born and what kind of education and other opportunities we have had.  We did nothing to deserve it, the least we can do is help as much as we can. 

Location-Not sure where I will live in 10 years but travel is very important to us as a family.  My 7 year old daughter has been to 26 states.  In 10 years I would like my kids to have been in most, if not all 50 states.  I would also like to go as a family to at least 3 other countries.  There is so much to learn about other countries/people/culture that teach us more about ourselves and shape our perspective of the world.

Materially-(because this has been my soapbox lately).  In 10 years I want to have what matters to me.  Everything I really want and nothing that I don’t need.  Jogging this evening I passed several open 2 stall garages that were so full it didn’t look possible to walk through them.  This will not be me.

I have probably missed something, but that is what I have come up with.  I want to be simple and intentional in all areas of my life.

So where are we at in our simplifying right now?  We are 2 weeks away from moving to an appartment.  We have gotten rid of over half our stuff, probably close to 2/3rds by the end of the week.  Life has been crazy getting the house all painted and fixed up for the renters moving in.  We have been looking at other work options that would be more in line with our goals but not sure what God has in mind yet.  If anything comes up now though, we have much less to move 🙂 

Love God, think positive, and spend your energy on what matters most. 


  1. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment from Jessy April 12

    “thanks for sharing. i hear ya about the travel being important. can’t help but think about all the amazing places out there to see! this morning as we sat down to breakfast nora said, “mom, i miss going on trips!” i love my little gypsy’s. i think it’s time to plan a trip. :)”

  2. Claire Claire

    I am reading through your blog and feel like I am talking to an old friend. You are very encouraging. So glad you are following and seeking truth. Life is too short to spend energy on stuff you can’t take with you.

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