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Homeschooling and Christmas-Dec 22, 2010

My kids just finished up their work for homeschooling today.  We homeschool lots of days that the school system is off but we don’t homeschool every day the school system is going.  The longer I homeschool the more custom it gets. 

I have been thinking a bunch in the last few days about our homeschool quest.  (which isn’t that huge, my kids are 7 and 3 now).  From what I have seen typical homeschool is just taking school home.  Lots of curriculums I see people working on are very similar to a school room.  The difference being is that you can have religious focus and you can be much more hands on with school help and peer ‘control’ (for lack of a better term).   Since reading ‘A Well Trained Mind’ (in my books list) a year ago we have moved farther and farther from the typical school. 

With schooling I agree:
1.  Our school system, functioning properly, is the best way I can think of to educate groups of kids.
2.  The school system isn’t the best way for the individual kid to learn.

I was reading yesterday more about this.  Kids don’t learn that many job skills in the school system.  The major learning takes place on the job.  Historically this is far more common as well.  Typically this was passing down through families.  I think it is great in this country at this time that a kid can grow up to be anything they want, but the best learning is still done on the job.   If the kid can work at a young age with a desired profession that is great, but very rare.  So with training my kids and planning their school I feel I be teaching my children the skills to later learn on the job faster.  (or change jobs easier, which is more and more common now) I want my kids to learn:
-problem solving
-interpersonal communication across age and culture and other barriers
-thinking outside the box
-ability to take in information and change direction based on that information
-think for themselves
-have a love for learning (and than a love for work) because it is interesting to them
-leadership and speaking confidence
-self confidence
-community team work instead of competition.  There is a place and area for everyone to shine which, as a whole benefits everyone
-how to create their life

Don’t get me wrong.  My kids have to learn reading, spelling, math, history etc.  However I want that to only be a part of their education.  In the coming year we are going to work more on these skills.