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I Refuse To Be Normal-Feb 17, 2011

Just finished listening to Dave Ramseys seminar and loved it.  Goes along with intentional living.  He uses refusing to be normal and so does Josh Wilson.  So I wanted to write up something myself, for me.

Normal is in debt, spending more than is coming in, living as big or bigger than the money I have, and paycheck to paycheck with very little plan for family and future, while so much of the world doesn’t have basic food, water and shelter.    I can’t.

Normal is crazy schedules, large social lives and networks, extra cirriculars and hobbies (to de-stress) while kids spend less time at home and families spend less time together.  Normal is often only hours at home a day for kids and divorce.   I won’t.

Normal is watching 4 hours of TV a day and not reading any non-fiction book after we leave schooling.  I shouldn’t.

Normal is sitting around and talking about the evils in society, speculating the effects of world events (on us) without doing anything.  I couldn’t.

Normal is unhealthy, overweight and taking meds for something most or every day of your life.  I mustn’t.

Normal is being Christian and never letting it make a noticable difference in our lives.  I refuse.

Balance isn’t the issue.  There is no way to fit normal and important into the same day or the same life no matter how fancy the time management.  Normal has got to be pushed aside for intentional.