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Simple Thinking-April 18, 2011

Monday April 18.  This morning I passed my interview, and all my tests to become an American citizen.  I have been putting it off for years but now it is almost done.  yay.

Things have been crazy at the house.  We are in the middle of trying to fix up our house so it can be ready for renters in a few weeks, continue simplifying/getting rid of stuff so we can live in a smaller place, applied for a few dream jobs for my husband (that we now feel we can do after simplifying stuff and time), homeschooling, etc.  Really, having lots of fun.  The kids are so excited to pack. 

Life is different, I feel I have changed a bunch in the last several months.  Simplifying life, stuff, priorities has done wonders.

Well, Ian just pee’ed his pants at the library.  Headed home :