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Summer Homeschooling

For the last 5 weeks or so we have been doing ‘summer home school’.  There is so much the kids forget over the summer I really wanted to do enough so they would remember. 

This is what we have been doing:

Lily (7)-Mon, Wed, Fri-6 math problems, Tue, Thur-spelling, most days 1/2 hour lecture from the library that she picks out. 

Ian (4)-Everyday-6 math problems and 1 or 2 writing sheets.

The kids are so different.  Several days Lily has spent several hours doing her few problems.  I catch myself feeling like a terrible mother making her suffer during the summer but, seriously, it is only 6 problems and it only takes her 10 minutes when she decides to do it.  I thought sticking with it for the last 5 weeks would help but she is, and always has been, hard to motivate.  She is crazy smart and I find myself getting really frusterated with her.  I tailor her work to be always challenging and as focused as possible (no busy work) and she still zones out so much of the time. 

Ian on the other hand just eats it up.  He wasn’t sure about the whole thing when we started and sometimes complained a bit, but for the last several weeks he is jumping on me in bed in the morning and asking for his school work so he can get it done and move on to more fun things.  He gets almost everything right the first time and I have been able to challenge him a bunch. 

Not everyday works great for us but I am excited to have my kids home with me.  I was just thinking about homeschooling and socialization this afternoon.  Sociallization is the one thing I am most asked about and was most stressed about before I started.  I believe home school is better for socialization for these two reasons:

1. I know exactly who my kids are socializing with and their parents.  I can increase time spent with those kids who my kids get along with well and have a positive influence, and I can remove the negative ones.  This may seem controlling but at this age I think a lot more harm is done when they are socially stressed.  I want my kids to learn to grow good healthy relationships and be used to them as they grow older. 

2. I can keep their learning time distraction free.  My kids are both ahead of where they should/would be in the school system and although I believe they are brilliant, because they are my children, I don’t think they are really any more ‘gifted’ than lots of others.  Having the curriculum structured to always challenge them and time to learn without the distraction of other kids makes a huge difference. 

Here are some pics of our swimming lesson this morning.  A fabulous friend did a special swim class for our children at our appartments pool.  They were great!