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Tofu Salad

Had this fabulous salad last Tuesday.  We got lettuce from my in-laws farm that was really good.  They sent us home with so much I have been eating it 1-2 times a day all week.

Just a salad doesn’t fill me up so I have made this one several times.  First I fried extra firm tofu with a bit of olive oil, garlic, dill, nutritional yeast, Cayenne and soy sauce.  Then I mixed the lettuce, tofu, tomatoes, some seasoned sliced almonds (I found on clearance at Big Lots) and green olives (I love olives), in a big mixing bowl with Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing.  This was restaurant ready… I loved it!  I had a huge plate and it was full of fresh vegetables, with a mix of fat and protein.  Lovely.  Can’t get the kids to eat lettuce so they didn’t want to try it.  My husband liked it but didn’t go for to much of the tofu (but he claimed it ‘wasn’t bad’)