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Turning 31-March 24, 2011

I fully intended to post every week and now it has been a month.  opps.  I turned 31 yesterday and have been looking back through my last year.  We have made several intentional decisions that have helped our health, helped our finances and helped our family life (by taking more time off work and vacationing).  It has really been a good year and I hope the next one will be filled with more intentional growing choices-spiritually, personally and in our family.  Simplifying the strongest pull right now so we can work on all these areas. 

I have worked through my reading list from last month and am looking for some more good ones to read.  If you have any good ones, let me know.  Really liked The New Good life.  It combined intentional, green, economical living.  It further convinced us to downsize.   This month we have made some good progress on that point.  We have sold over $1200 of stuff (and most of it was little junk).  We have taken tones of stuff to goodwill.  I have piles being added to and created everyday to remove stuff from the house in one way or another.  We have leased out our house for 2 years starting the beginning of May.  Been looking for a good appartment close to shopping, library and nice walking trails and haven’t quite found the right one yet but have some options.  We have also simplified our work.  My husband has taken sub-contract work for the month of April which will be long full days at work but won’t involve the paperwork and scheduling on my side and all his weekends and evenings.  We have some work for friends left the end of this month but are planning on just doing work for friends and referals in the future.  (such is the plan now…. we will see how it all works out)   

 I do feel crazy for getting rid of stuff that I have gotten and never even used.  I feel crazy for leaving our 2000 sq ft house that we have custom remodeled for our family.  At the same time I feel excited.   I am a perfectionist and have tried to be the perfect mother, wife, friend, gardener, vegan chef, teacher, housekeeper, seemstress, church member, frugal shopper, business organizer and community service worker while trying to save the earth at the same time.  There is always something else that needs to be done and at any given point I feel I am only partially doing any of these roles and most I am failing at… so I jump around depending on the day or hour :).   Cutting back has been freeing.  I feel so much lighter.  I can breath deeper.   I am trying to cut back on roles that don’t make a difference and I don’t like so that I have time and energy for the roles that do matter.  

So here’s hoping for a great year 31!