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Vacation-June 4, 2011

Awesome day!  We went Geocaching this evening (thanks Jessy for getting us started) and found a baby deer curled up under a tree.  Couldn’t have been much more than a few days old, it was only a bit bigger than a large house cat.  So cute!

So I wanted to blog about or vacation.  We have been dreaming about taking a good road trip since we decided to simplify and downsize.  Now that we just have an apartment and don’t have the same expense or have to worry about the lawn we are taking off for a month.  The whole month of July. 🙂

This is what we are going to try and hit:
1.Rushmore. My daughter is a huge fan of the presidents and knows all 44.
2.Yellowstone.  I haven’t been there since I was a kid and went on a great road trip with a friends family. 
3.Alberta Canada.  It is where I was born and raised and I am excited to take the family up and show them where I grew up.  We will hit some of the Calgary Stampede with my dad (he lives up there).  We will spend a bunch of time in the mountains.  Haven’t figured out camping or exact spots up there yet but we plan on climbing a bunch of mountains.  We will do Banff, Jasper and then Glacier National Parks.
4. Washington coast.  We have some friends we will spend a few days with in Northern Washington.
5. Oregon coast, going to try and hit Astoria and then camp along the coast where the kids can swim in the ocean
6. Redwoods just over the California boarder (and by the beach so we can keep swimming)
7. Visit family in San Jose.
8. Yosemite.
9. Sequoia.  We are camping up at 6700 feet. 
10. Grand Canyon – we want to hike down and camp.  We put our request in but it is probably to late.  Sounds like it fills up fast.  If that doesn’t work we might be able to get a few walk up passes that they give out.  Probably not the greatest at the hottest part of the summer but I have always wanted to do it so hopefully it will work out.
11. Visit one of my college roommates in Colorado
12.  Head home to Nebraska

Got most things mapped out and reserved.  If anyone knows of anything else along the way that we really need to see I would love to add it in!

I am hoping to blog through the trip.  We took a few weeks last year and drove up to Maine and just loved it.  We try and go cheap.  Mostly camping and cooking our own food, but the experience of seeing everything is so fun.  My favorite last year was climbing mountains in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Would recommend that to anyone.  A natural jungle gym.  Really excited about all the mountains out west we will find.

Also, I am flirting with the idea about starting a food blog, simple eating stuff.  Not sure it goes with the other stuff I have put up here so I might start another one.  …. we will see how the week goes.  Blogging has been so fun.

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  1. Lorilee Lorilee

    Transfered Comment From Jessy:

    “what a fun trip you have planned! can’t wait to see pictures and hear about all the fun experiences you have along the way!
    that baby deer is so sweet. what a neat thing for the kids to see! glad you love geocaching just as much as we do. ;)”

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