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Week 2-Dec 16, 2010

We are now almost done week two of hotel living.  My son is going to sleep for his nap on one side of the room and my daughter is sitting next to me on our other lap top loudly typing her assignment.  It has been close quarters but so far there isn’t any more fighting than there was at home.  No cooking and cleaning has freed up a bunch of my time.  I have been able to work a bunch more with my son and his learning to read.  I have been able to read more myself and do more research on cutting our expenses.  Still it is kinda crazy living in a tiny room as a family of 4. 

On the simple living it is awsome but not suprising how little we miss our stuff.  I asked my daughter what she wants to make sure she brings next week and she wanted a game (that she hasn’t played in about 2 years and I already had in the garage sale pile).   The kids can play with anything… if we could only go outside more they would really be set.  We are looking for a good warm place to relocate at some point.  Any suggestions? 

I am also trying to figure out a good place to take a vacation for a couple weeks (or months if we can figure out the money).  Going between the Northwest US, Argentina or southern Europe.  … if you don’t dream big nothing will ever happen…  It is probably more intentional than simple but I want my kids to have experiences and a great knowledge of the world.  It is all possible now with current travel and communication, but still kinda scary.