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What’s Left-April 22, 2011

I am excited about what is left this weekend.
-An empty tomb
-people excited about making positive changes to benefit the earth
-very little of my stuff!

One week left in our house.  Moving day is set for May 1.  Thought I would tangably report on what our material simplification has got us too:
1)Our 4 x 10 walk in closet is where I have been stacking the ‘keep’ stuff.  It is about half filled. 
2)Our bed and the kids trundle bed they shair
3)folding table and 4 chairs
4)2 folding fabric bucket like kids chairs (not sure what they are called, they are low but comfortable)
5)One more unfolding fabric chair and 2 extra unfolding table chairs (we are big on chairs cause we love company)
6)small book shelf
7)Small TV and a stereo with 2 speakers
8)Some house plants
9)small trampoline
10)camping equipment and kids bikes
11)some canning jars/tub of memories/old tax information we can store with grandparents if we don’t have space
12)basic kitchen, bath and cloths that need for the next week
13)basic toys, see above 🙂

somehow we managed to get rid of 2 cats but keep 3 guitars…..

I am also just finishing ‘Healthy at 100’ by John Robbins.  This is my third John Robbins book (thanks Katie!) and I really have loved them all.  Really, I am only 31, and I can only remember back about 15 maybe 20 years.  When I look at it this way there is a real difference between dying in your 40’s or 50’s and dying at 100 or more.  I have done and learned lots in the last 20 years and I could add multiple sections of that time frame to the end of my life.  The people he talks about are actually living at 100 not just dying slowly or loosing all their mental ability (having people you can’t remember changing your diapers all the time is …bad).  Definatly recommend this book.  I like how he can report the reality of our situation and our world but find the positive side.  He can also see a reality of our situation and world if we make changes for the better.

Note: I had a picture of our walk in closet full of stuff but wasn’t able to pull it over into the new website format