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Day 1-Badlands

We are off! June 29, 2011. Managed to get everything fit into the little car we borrowed from the in-laws and took off at about 9:30. First we headed into town to see a very special, and darling, healthy baby. Then had to stop at Goodwill for a sweater. I didn’t have a good camping sweater for the mountains and I have found some great treasures there before. Found a great, green, fuzzy one for less than $5.
My friend Kari and her daughters gave us a send off with a super cute bag of snacks and stationary just before noon, and we were off.

We drove 7 hours up to the Badlands. Here is our first campsite with our little car (that got us almost 37 miles to the gallon when we filled last). Excited to explore it tomorrow. Looks beautiful!)