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Day 11-The Canadian Rockies

Just exhausted this morning. Slept in till 9, but could have slept till at least noon. The kids, on the other hand, were up before 7. Seems like vacation is going by so fast and I don’t want to waste it with sleeping.

Left Calgary just after lunch today. Sad to had to leave so soon. Lily cried for the first part of the trip and, even though Ian fell asleep right away, he woke up an hour later saying “let’s go back”.

It was a beautiful drive, straight toward the mountains. It seems like we have spent lots of time in the mountains this vacation, but they are all so beautiful. The Rockies up here are very jagged and rough looking, the tree line doesn’t get up to far, mostly just rock and stone. The clouds covered the highest peaks today to give an awesome effect.

From Banff we took the Bow Valley Hwy, the slower scenic route to Lake Louise. There were signs everywhere for wildlife and the speed limit went down to 30 km or 20 miles for quite a while, but we didn’t see anything. The bears are really active in this area and I was hoping to see one, …. From the safety of the car.

Found Johnston Canyon and hiked into both waterfalls (3 mile round trip). Great hike, all really easy with guard rails and paved paths. The whole trail was packed with people today. At the lower falls there was a tunnel we crawled through to get so close to the falling water we were covered with spray and at the upper we took a walkway out over the river to look at the falls almost straight on.

Everyone is still really tired today. Moving was slow and complaining was high. Headed straight for the campsite after that, got set up and going straight to bed. Low of 4 (38F) tonight, I am starting to look forward to the heat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.