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Day 12-Banff

Survived the night but it was cold. We got up this morning and headed back to Banff for breakfast and hiking information.

We decided on a hike up Sulfur Mountain. It is the mountain that the gondola goes up in Banff but hiking is way better. The hike was about 6.8 miles round trip but the elevation change was over 2200 feet. This has been our biggest mountain hike yet (as far as elevation change). It was a straight up hard climb the whole way. The trail was busy but the top was crazy crowded. We hiked around the top for the bit and took some pictures. The line to get down the gondola was probably almost a 2 hour wait and crazy expensive. I don’t get it, both my kids climbed all the way to the top and back down, the view the whole way was great, and the gondola would have cost us about $100.…. But the gondola was still way more popular.

The hike took us from about 11 till close to 6:30. Ian fell asleep almost immediately. I was super proud and surprised he was able to do the whole thing. Lily is practically a professional, she just goes.

I have had lots of fun people watching this vacation. The cloths and languages have been great. Yellowstone was packed with tourists from all over the world and now Banff is full of lots of different languages and people. I have been really surprised at how many French people are here. Several places we have been seem almost 50/50 French and English. Canada is bilingual but the French speaking provinces are on the other side of the country. Either way, I love hearing and seeing all the diversity.

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    What a beautiful view!!

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