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Day 16-British Columbia

Not a very exciting day today. Left Banff and drove through the mountains and through BC. We got to Glacier National Park where we planned on stopping at around 2 in the afternoon, but it was poring rain and freezing cold. I had timed it out so we could go hiking around Glacier, but, since it was raining we decided to keep driving.

Got to Kamloops for supper and got hopelessly lost. Found some overpriced, mediocre Chinese food and than got crazy lost at least 2 more times before we found our road out.

We are headed south now. Going to find a campsite soon and then make it back into the states tomorrow. Canada is beautiful, but I am cold. Ready to go south!



  1. Kari Kari

    Looks and sounds like you’re having a great time! Selah says thank you to Lily for the letter. I love all the pictures…especially how Ian is always sticking out his tongue! LOL! 😎 We miss you guys! Enjoy the rest of your trip…I can’t wait to see pix of the west coast–It’s so beautiful out there. blessings and safe travel!!

    • Lorilee Lorilee

      yeah, we keep trying to get him to smile nice but he keeps sneaking it out. Such a clown.

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