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Day 17-USA and the Washington Coast

Started the day with a dozen donuts from Tim Horton’s. Beautiful drive through the rest of BC. As a kid I always dreamed I would live in BC someday. Mountains and ocean, BC has it all. We found Bridal Veil falls off the hwy that we hiked into. It is so wet there that the trees are covered with moss. All the dead or fallen trees are just crumbling because they are holding so much water. It is really cool to see.

Stopped at Zellers to use up the rest of our Canadian money on some t-shirts for the kids. I remember lots of Zellers shopping as a kid.

Stopped in Bellingham for lunch and walked around the Fairhaven Historical District. It was super cute. Stopped at a great restaurant for lunch. Local produce, composting bathroom paper trash. It was awesome. Had a great veggie bean burger.

We had sometime in the afternoon to explore the cost a bit before we headed to friends for supper, so we drove down hwy 11 to see what we could find. The drive was beautiful. Winding roads all tree lined with the cost on one side. We found Larrabee State Park and the kids got to walk and play a bit on the beach. It was really rocky and swimming wasn’t allowed but it was still beautiful. After that we drove down to Bay View State Park and they explored the beach there. They found a shell and a crab leg, hope we can keep them intact for the rest of the trip.

Washington is beautiful. I feel like I use that word to much, but it is still true. Nebraska has lots of good features and has great people, but I just love the scenery of the mountains and the coast. It is cool here too, high 60’s for highs. Bryon thinks it is perfect, I am still looking forward to more heat.

Now for a weekend of relaxing in Washington with friends. Really excited about sleeping indoors, showers, laundry and good food!

The kids saw this right away and had lots of fun climbing on it.

Ian is so photogenic.  I might be biased.

Washington is funny.  We started with a table outside but before we even ordered it clouded over and the wind picked up.  Thsi is taken after we finished eating… sunny again.

My beautiful girl.  I love this picture.

They could have stayed all afternoon.

Climbing more.

Love how clear the water looks.  There was warnings everywhere that said the water was toxic (sad) but it still looks pretty.