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Day 18-Seawater

Got a great shower and slept in beds last night! I am going to get the laundry done tonight, and I am stuffed with fabulous food. It is good to have friends in great places.

Did church this morning and let the kids play in the yard for the afternoon. Our friends here have 3 boys and it is so nice to have little boys for Ian to play with. Lily has made several friends along the way, but Ian hasn’t found anyone to play with. The kids had so much fun playing on the trampoline and driving around the yard in the little jeep. As boys do, they figured out how to get soaking wet with the garden hoes as soon as we turned our backs.

We drove out to Deception Pass this evening and then down to a few beaches. Deception Pass has a really neat looking bridge we walked a little way out on. I was nervous walking on it, because it was really far down to the water and the currents were crazy, so we didn’t go far.

There is something about the beach that has such a strong draw. Something about watching and listening to the waves break and play with the stones. Something about walking on all the different textures of rocks, sand and seaweed. Something about all the smells of salt air mixing with seaweed blowing right at my face. It is a peaceful, energizing, pure, centered, understanding comfort. I guess that explains why houses cost so much on the coast.

We are going to try and hit the beach all we can this week!

Just saw a sign as we are driving back that said “Hey Karl, Get Circumcised” ….. I am sure there is a good story behind that. Ian is sleeping in the back. Lily is singing to her VBS CD, and at 9:33 pm pacific time we have rolled the odometer of the car to 100,000. Ready to dive into another week!


They road this till the battery died.  They were so cute!

New life and energy being by the water. 

The entertainment with this picture is the groop of teenagers behind us.   We turn around to look and one dude has stripped down to his underware and is running into the water.  …. as you can tell from us (besides Lily), it is cold.  He comes running right back out and shouts “I have the smalles wiener in the world right now”.  Ah, youth 🙂  Thankfully the kids were playing and not noticing any of it. 

This is still early in the evening… he was really covered with sand by the time we left.

I love these pictures of the kids.  It was almost dark, so they arn’t that clear.  Hubby has a Sony A-580 that takes really good low light pictures, and photoshop can bring back the color.

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  1. yay! you’ve renewed my motivation to finish packing for our move out west! 🙂

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