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Day 19-Mount Baker and SNOW

I can’t believe it is already day 19. I feel like we have just started vacation, but now we are over half done.

We headed to Mount Baker today. Sand and beaches yesterday and snow today makes for the best of both worlds!

The kids are having so much fun in Washington with their friends. As soon as we left the house this morning Ian was complaining and wanting to make sure we weren’t going to leave their house for good. He didn’t want to go ‘too far’. …. then, promptly, fell asleep. They are so cute. Tomorrow, when we have to leave, …..might be hard.

Got as far up as they would let us drive and then hiked up the road further. OH MY! There was lots of snow left up there. It is the middle of July and there is spots along the road where they have plowed that still have 10-12’ high walls of snow. The kids have never seen so much snow. I am from Canada, and I don’t know if I have ever seen that much snow…. In the winter! When Washington does snow, ….. They don’t mess around. The kids were suited up with borrowed snow gear and they jumped enthusiastically in at first, but by the end of the small hike around they were wet and cold. Then, they were tired, wet and cold, so we headed back to the house for dry cloths, warm baths, good and a calm evening.

Thanks for a great weekend B, M, A, A, and A! So good to see you guys again, we will have to see you guys again soon.

Tomorrow we will be ‘on the road again’.

All along the side walls of the snow people had been writing their names and other notes.  Up around the last curve though, it started to get a bit more graffic with pictures and inappropriate language.  Bryon tried to walk ahead a few times and brush off words but the kids caught him on “Bitch”.  Just before he could rub it off Lily read it and said it outloud.  Then when Bryon rubbed it off she was all upset that ‘Daddy was taking off someones name’.