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Day 2-Wall Drug

Hubby got up at 4:15 this morning giddy about taking sunrise pictures. …. In our super simple minimalist packing we still manage to have 2 cameras, all kinds of lenses, camera bag (and goods), and a big tripod. Excited about how his pictures will turn out. Not sure how soon he will be able to edit them and post them but they will be good.
Started out our vacation with an awesome 7+ mile hike through the Badlands. We did the Castle Trail (first half), Medicine Root Trail, and The Saddle Pass Trail. The Medicine Root Trail was mostly through the plains but the other two had lots of climbing buttes and spires. Loved it! It is a natural jungle gym. Found a cave, watched for rattle snakes, ran out of water, and took a bunch of pictures.
After our walk we had a shower (we don’t have showers at our next stop) and headed out.

As a reward for their good hiking, we stopped at Wall Drug and got ‘homemade’ ice cream for the kids. The place cracks me up. It is so heavily advertised and has a crowd of people there….. and it isn’t that special. A mysterious economic success.

Driving up in the mountains by Rushmore now looking for our hike in campsite. We are watching the radar for storms that are headed this way…. Hopefully we can hike in and get set up before it lets loose. The drive up here is beautiful. All pine covered mountains.