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Day 20-Beach

Got up before 6 this morning so we could try and beat Seattle traffic and have time to explore the coast on our way down to our Oregon campsite. After a super fun weekend with friends, and lots of late nights, we were all pretty tired.

Seattle, for only driving through, was a pretty (skyline) and organized city. The car pool lanes and the express lanes were great, and we flew through.

After Olympia we headed out to the coast and took hwy 101 south. Beautiful road, but very winding and lots of hills. I love all the roads that are lined with trees or the roads with rock walls up on one side and down to the ocean on the other.

Stopped by Astoria at Fort Stevens State Park around noon and found a beach for the kids. They were so excited and, with the combination of over tired and being locked in the car all morning they really went nuts. It was a beautiful day but the wind was cool and strong. I needed my sweater to be out on the beach…. But the kids dove right in. Ian came back out after about 20 minutes freezing but Lily was unfazed and screamed with anticipation at every wave. There was a shipwreck on the beach that was really cool to see.

We dried off and headed out in need of food. Somehow I managed to forget my and Lily’s sandals. I didn’t realize it until we found food 40 minutes down the road in Seaside. Grr. We have now lost a sweater, and two pairs of sandals. I guess it could be worse.

When we got back in the car to drive on I checked the weather hoping for warmer weather later in the week. …. The highs for the week are high fifties, maybe hitting 60. I was hoping for a warm beach vacation… but I must not have done enough research. Average temperature for the area we were camping in July is 75, but the highest it has been so far this month is 64. ….. And back in Nebraska at almost midnight the heat index is still over 100. This is just a cruel trick in nature. Nothing to do but curl up in agony in NE, and out here where there is beautiful beach it is to cold to enjoy it.

So after lunch we went back to the beach at Seaside to get the most of the heat we did have. It was just over 70 I think up there and it was the hotest day of the week at Seaside. The wind off the ocean was still cold. The kids played for another couple hours running, shaking, and screaming. The wind was blowing to much sand around so we couldn’t pull the camera out.

Drove down to our campsite by 9. Beautiful place, right beside a little creek. Get to go to sleep listening to the water run.

No showers here and we are all covered and caked with sand.

As soon as we got there she ran straight into the water.

Loving every wave.

Soaked, should be freezing, but energized with excitment.

Jumping the waves.  He just loved the water but his little body got cold quick.