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Day 21-Beach again :)

Got up this morning early (not sure why) and after finding food in town we went straight to the beach. There was a big section just across from our campground that was a mixture of lava rock and sand. It was low tide and was so fun to explore.

The lava rock close to the water (and probably covered in high tide) was covered with California Muscles. It is awesome to see, they cover every inch of the rock and come in all sizes. A bunch of the tide pools were covered in green anemone. They are round and have grass like arms and when they are touched the curl up and try and catch it. The kids had a blast touching them with their sandals and watching them curl up. We also found a bunch of star fish. I started counting them, but soon realized that there was way more, over 100. Learned they ate the muscles and there was billions of them so it all made sense.

The kids loved the water. They would play on a beach for days if we had the time.

Had to move to higher ground with the tide coming in, so we headed up to the nature center. Got there just in time to go on a ranger hike and learn about edible and medicinal plants. We were the only ones so the kids got to ask all sorts of questions. We tried several leaves and berries…. I don’t remember what any of them were called except the “salmon berry”. There is a tree by our campsite so we had some for dessert at lunch as well.

After lunch we headed to a 500 year old spruce. It was only a little way from our campsite down a trail. It was huge. It had a nurse log under it when it started growing that has all decayed long ago so there was a great hole under it.

After a hike and a movie at the nature center we headed up to the top of Cape Perpetua. Bryon thought he saw that it was the highest point on the Oregon coast. At the top, it said it was the best view of the Coast in Oregon. One is supposed to be able to see 35 miles out to sea from the lookout. There is a great stone building called ’The West Side Shelter’ that we tried to find a geocash at, but didn’t find it.

We headed back down to the beach for high tide. The waves were huge, breaking over the black lava rock, and spraying all over the muscle beds. It was awesome. We sat and watched for quite a while, Bryon taking pictures, and the kids playing in the sand and tide pools.

Again after supper we hit the beach. I walked back with Ian at 9, Bryon and Lily played taking pictures until long after dark.

This was a whole sandy beach that was all under water at high tide.  All the rocks were covered with life.

Shell hunting. 

Just one of the rocks covered with mussels.  Not much of a picture but it was so incredible to see.

These green anemone would curl up as soon as they were touched.  They had such a pretty color.  Some of the tide pools were completly covered with them on the bottom.

Not sure how Ian got Lily’s sweater.  They were all wet and covered with sand several times today.

This was so cool.  Thankfully, it is very popular and there was nothing growing or nasty under the tree.  Probably already climbed under thousands of times.

The full perspective of the tree.  This was only about .2 miles from our campsite.

Lookout that is possibly the tallest and supposed to be the best view on the Oregon Coast.  Cape Perpetua.

I loved this building.  It was so cute with all the rocks.  It was built close to 100 years ago in the winter…. by dedicated and patient people.

Loved the doorway to frame pictures.

….. had to make good use of the doorway 🙂