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Day 22-Car, Beach, Thai and Chocolate

There are days when I don’t really feel like writing up much. Today is one of those days, but I have promised myself I will write every day of vacation so that we can really remember our trip. Already, day 22 it seems so long ago that we were in Canada, or Yellowstone. We are really getting settled into this road trip thing. Where, at first, I thought 5 weeks would be a long time, I wish we had 5 more weeks (at least) still to go.

Today was our ‘driving to CA’ day. We have spent so much time at the beach and Oregon is so wet and humid that we had to pack up lots of wet cloths and tents. First stop was showers, which, after several days of hiking and living in sand was desperately needed. We found one just down road at another state park. It was fabulous and warm….. And now full of sand.

Drove to Coos Bay, OR and found Thai food for lunch. Bryon and I have been seeing Thai restaurants all along the coast and have been wanting it for a while. We found EZ Thai, which, even though it sounds very cheese, was actually very good. I always ask for my food very spicy but I think this might have been the hottest restaurant plate I have ever eaten. Now, at 7:30 my lips are still a bit numb. It was awesome. The kids didn’t eat much, but they, (especially Lily) are really picky and we can’t really figure out what they will eat. Food is probably my hardest issue as a parent… but that is another post. Thai was great!

Found a fancy chocolate shop and a farmers market after lunch and found some yummy treasures. Super cute little town.

After lunch we went back north a few miles to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Another beautiful sandy beach. ….. Needless to say, we are now all covered with sand again. I finished my fire Thai and had a nap in the sand, it was therapeutic.

Getting a slow start and stopping so long for lunch put us to crunch time on driving. I don’t even know where we are now, but I know we have a long way to go. Bryon is stopping to take a picture of a bridge and the kids are tired and fighting in the back. Fun times.

Packing up our hot thai food.  The kids didn’t eat what we ordered for them so we took it to the beach for supper.

The cute chocolate shop we stopped at after lunch.  I see these and think it must be such a fun job to run a little chocolate shop like this. 

Ians ‘downward facing dog’ 🙂  I don’t know what he is trying to do here… but the sand will be in the tent later.

I love this picture.  They just run and run. 

Bryon shot these pictures while I was sleeping on the beach. 

cold water…

Found this cool bench when we stopped for supper.  Wanted to explore the beach a bit but there was some strange people there so we continued on.

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  1. Susan Susan

    We are in Ireland and enjoying catching up on your fabulous trip while resting up from our days full of eating and sightseeing. I have been keeping notes of our trip and they are so fragmented. I admire your dedication to your blog. Continue to enjoy, and be safe. We look forward to more!
    Susan and Kurt

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