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Day 23-Redwoods

California has everything! Awesome beach, great mountains, green everywhere, huge trees, great weather…. And we have only gotten a few miles in. I wonder if it was populated for these treasures, or if it would have been much less populated if gold wasn’t found here.

When we came in last night it was pitch black. Between little to no moon, and tight trees, and mountains it was dark. Every few seconds the lights would shine on a ‘huge tree’ and there would be a sharp curve.

Woke up to find ourselves in beautiful forest. Turns out we drove through the redwoods but where we were camping was to far inland to have the big ones. It was still very pretty.

Both kids started to complain about not feeling good last night and this morning so we decided to try and get them to rest as much as possible.

After a ‘fancy’ camping breakfast we drove back into the redwoods and hiked the first part of the ‘Little Bald Hill’ trail. The ranger had recommended this hike because it goes through a bunch of ‘old growth’ redwoods. We hiked through the ‘old growth’ and some of the newer growth before we had lunch and hiked back out. Both sections were full of huge trees, the old growth showed more fire damage. Both were great. We found snails and big yellow slugs that the kids had a bunch of fun with.

We tried to have quiet time in the car after that and did manage to get Ian to go to sleep for a nap. I could tell he wasn’t feeling good but it is so hard to get either of them to sleep in new places. We drove to Crescent City to find a Laundromat but all we found were some run down places that we didn’t gamble with. Instead we headed to the beach. About 20 miles in, at our campsite it was a warm, close to 80 degree day, but by the coast it was bairly 70 and had a strong cold wind. The weather is so controlled by the ocean. (in Oregon they were telling us how a half mile could make the difference between snow every year and hardly any snow ever)

Headed back to the campsite earlier for supper. Turns out, while we were gone, they closed the showers because of a water shortage in the campsite. So, no laundry and no showers today.


This tree was all burned out in the middle.  Hard to see the kids with the lighting but it shows the size of the tree good.

Ian found this ‘pencil’ as soon as he got to the beach.  He carried it around for a while making lines in the sand.

Wrote his name in the sand.  He loves writing and has put his name all over the place this vacation.

It looked like fun so Lily had to try it too.  She is writing her name but it isn’t as easy to see.

Lily found some little dead thing in the sand and took it to daddy.  When he tried to give it back to her she didn’t want to touch it…. crazy girl.

My super talented husband. 

The kids have this as a favorite game.  They chase daddy until he finally lets them catch him… and then they hang on.