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Day 24-Redwoods, San Francisco and China Town

We drove through lots of redwoods on the drive south this morning. We found the ‘Avenue of the Giants’ and drove it for a while parallel to hwy 101. The trees only have branches at the top where they can get light making a tight ceiling. Then all below there is just tall thick pillars. The forest floor is still covered with ferns and huge logs but between the floor and the ‘ceiling’ it is quite clear. The ability to see so far through, combined with the huge trunks gives it quite a majestic look.

After lunch we drove through a bunch of wine country. I don’t drink, but the area is beautiful and there is something about wine growing/making that seems to be the ‘high end’ of gardening or farming. Lots of work put in, but the high quality instead of a quantity output appeals to me a lot. Maybe being an olive farmer somewhere would be cool.

We got to the Golden Gate bridge around 4:30. It had been clear all day but just minutes before getting to the bridge fog began poring over the foothills. It was so foggy crossing the bridge we couldn’t see the water. Oh well, it was still cool.

Drove through downtown San Francisco to Chinatown. Such a neat city! The buildings and architecture were great, but poor Bryon didn’t get all the pictures he wanted to get driving. I am sure we both could wander the streets for days exploring. As it was, we only had a few hours so we headed straight to Chinatown. Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. We explored Chinatown in Boston last summer and loved it. We found parking right in the middle and hit the streets and saw what we could. Found some fun little souvenirs for the kids and I found some scarves I have been looking for.

We finished our shopping and dove into the first restaurant we saw. It turned out awesome. It was called ‘The Four Seas’ and had great atmosphere and great food for a really reasonable price. Ian was getting tired and was crawling all over the place the whole time. At one point I found him sitting cross legged under the table drumming on the table leg with his chopsticks. They were both quiet though, and liked the restaurant. They had lots of fun with the little tea cups, Ian even liked the tea.

Saw a bit more of the city on the drive out. It defiantly looks like a fun city to walk. Maybe someday. There has been so many places we have been on vacation that we would have loved to explore more.

Staying with my cousins tonight. Excited about being under a roof and having a shower.

 Loved this tree.  It was a hike up from the road.  There was a different tree I saw that I wanted to hike to and came accross this one.  It looks like it has been a camp site for several people.   Just so cool that it can be all burned out and still growing huge and staying green.

Ian, right before crossing the Golden Gate bridge coloring.

Lily, also right before the GG bridge. 

The bridge in the fog 🙁

This place was amazing, I have never seen so many scarves!  I could have spent forever wandering around down here.

Loved this cute restaurant!  Food was great!  At the back was Singapore style curry noodles, at the front is rice pancakes and chicken curry.