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Day 25-Silicon Valley

Friends, family and time are our most important resources. Prioritizing and managing to this truth, I believe, leads to true and lasting wealth.

Had a wonderful day today with family in San Jose. Kids are still fighting a bit of a bug and are tired (but don’t think they are) so we laid kinda low today. Did church, had an unsuccessful nap time attempt and then drove to the beach for a bit.

This area is so beautiful. It is sunny most of the time, but there is trees and flowers everywhere, in tones of different colors. There is a large wealth split here. The very wealthy and those barely getting by. The price of housing makes it hard to be middle class. I have been curious about the area since reading ‘The Monk and the Riddle”. The areas we were driving through sure didn’t look like much. Just simple neighborhoods with houses that needed work, but they were all way more expensive than I would every be able to afford. Such a change from Omaha and interesting, economically, because it is all held together by what people ‘think’ the land they are sitting on is worth. It would just make me nervous having %75 give or take, of my houses value built on the lands value…. that is trust. ….it is just dirt and rock.

We got to see the Apple headquarters! Not really much of a building for how big the company is.

We have had great company, as well as great food, comfy beds, warm showers and laundry and it has been refreshing and energizing. Goodnight.