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Day 26-Yosemite and Kings Canyon

I love California!

After a fabulous breakfast of pancakes and fresh local fruit we hit the road. We stopped at a fruit stand later in the morning for even more fruit. The strawberries especially were so sweet! Yum.

The goal today was to see Yosemite and then drive down to Kings Canyon/Sequoia to stay for the night.

We tried Burger King for lunch. Being vegetarian, we were wanting to find a veggie burger to hit the road with fast, but it was our biggest money waste in the whole trip. $30 for 4 burgers fries and drinks that tasted terrible and the kids refused to eat. For $30 we have eaten at some nice restaurants and gotten some really good food. Oh well, lesson learned.

We got to Yosemite around 2:00 in the afternoon and wanted to get in a quick hike and explore the park a bit. When we left this morning we were told it would probably be busy in the Yosemite valley area, but we had no idea what ’busy’ in California really meant. Half the population of California was there! There was enough people to be downtown San Francisco and as much parking as downtown New York city. We drove for over an hour to get only a few miles down the valley and find parking. When we finally found parking there was no time to hike. We found our way to the visitors center to use the bathroom and buy Lily a rock, and had to hit the road again. So, Yosemite is beautiful, but next time we will have to try and see it as ‘off-peak’ as we can!

Yosemite Valley was beautiful with rocks, mountains, waterfalls. There looked like there was great hiking too. Looking at the park map there was very few roads, but most of the park could be explored backpacking. I am sure that could be so much fun! In a few years when the kids can walk and carry a little we might have to come back and really explore the park.

We stopped in Fresno at Trader Joe’s for supper and groceries for the next few days. Then drove up into Kings Canyon.