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Day 28-Big Trees and More Waterfalls

We got back last night to find our large loud group of neighbors gone and the spot occupied by 3 heavy drinkers making a movie of their trip. They were making ‘Day 1’ movie clips and trying to decide which bottle to put in the cooler after they removed their supper. I love people watching and this group was great. They went from old songs to history lessons and everything in between. Evening entertainment. They were super nice and we talked to them for a bit.

I got up before the kids and went for a walk through the big trees. Our campsite was right beside General Grant Grove that has a whole handful of huge, named trees. I thought the redwoods were big, and Bryon kept saying he thought the sequoias were bigger… he was right. Redwoods get to 20’ in diameter, but General Grant the sequoia is 40’ in diameter. It would take at least 20 people holding hands to go around the base that is 107’ around. It has the widest base of any known tree, and is the third largest in volume. There was another fallen sequoia with the middle burned out that had been used as an employee camp, house and saloon, and stable for the military.

After breakfast we headed on another waterfall walk. 2 miles down into the valley, played in the waterfall and hiked 2 miles back up. Ella waterfall wasn’t near as pretty as Grizzly was yesterday or near as tall but we still managed to get wet and the kids had fun.

Lunch was late and consisted of peanut butter and jam for the kids and chips with salsa and a jar of Kalamata olives for us. Salsa, hummus and olives, when we can get them have been staples of a good meal on the road for us so far.

We took the kids over to the big trees during lunch. They were tired, but the got a kick out of the tree they could walk through and went through it twice.

We got to meet up with some friends for supper in Fresno. Found a nice India restaurant and had a great evening catching up.

Bryon was the first to try it out.  The pool at the bottom was much deeper and I was more worried about the kids but Bryon found a good stone to stand on to get close.

Between Ian and me being chicken about him walking out to the falls himself I just picked him up and stuck him in. 

This was Lily’s second try.  It took her a while to get brave enough to try it.  The water was cold.

My fabulous photographer husband caught this and I just think it looks cool. 

Taking a break on the way up the kids found a caterpiller to play with.

Had to get a picture of both of them with it…. to be fair.

40′ base, biggest tree around at the bottom.  We couldn’t go close to it because their roots are really shallow.

The fallen monarch.  They arn’t sure how long it has layed here because the Sequoias don’t decay like other trees.   Just huge!