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Day 29-Leaving California….driving all day

Today was one of the biggest driving days of the trip. I didn’t get any pictures, but I can give you a visual. Bryon and I… no shower for 3 days and still in our pj’s, kids all messy and dirty. … nothing picture worthy.

Lily has been stuffed up since we entered California… literally minutes after we crossed the border she started complaining about a stuffed nose and ear ache. Bryon has been stuffed up and I was short of breath last night and having trouble sleeping. There is smog everywhere. We were told by the ranger that some of the peaks around us had a dangerous air quality level.

This just makes me sick. California is beautiful! It has such beautiful nature and terrible air. We could see it just hanging in the air.

This trip has been more of a wake up call on pollution than I anticipated. The glaciers melting was huge and now the terrible air. These aren’t fixable problems. These are big! What really gets me is what is pushed as the fix. Recycling isn’t going to save the world!! In reduce, reuse and recycle the biggest difference to be made is reduce. Consumption is the killer of the earth. Big houses, big cars, tones of useless crap that breaks as fast as it gets purchased is what the problem is! That, and animal products which are the number one polluter of the air and water (and a bunch of other stuff). This isn’t what is being pushed because these changes might affect the economy… heaven forbid the economy gets any worse… maybe it will be better when the earth blows up and we have to carry oxygen when we go hiking.

… so there is today’s rant.