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Day 3-Rushmore


Top 5 reasons to see Mount Rushmore at 6am

1. Kids didn’t get the memo on the time change and were making lots of noise at 5:30 at the campsite

2. Park is open but free because no one works the booth

3. No trouble parking and only about 3 other people standing at the viewing area

4. Clean bathrooms

5. Perfect temperatures and great lighting

We dodged rain last night and this morning but managed to get some good time outside. Lily was very excited about seeing Rushmore and has really liked studying the presidents. She is still set on being the president when she grows up. She comes up with new things she will change about the country every few days. Her best one-when I told her the president couldn’t make laws that it had to go through congress she said she was going to have all of them watch the movie “Babe” and that after that they would all make a law that you couldn’t kill pigs or take the babies away from their moms.

After Rushmore we drove down to Custer State Park and checked it out. Drove through The Needles scenic roads and found some buffalo and some really cute bridges (that we had to stop several times for Bryon to play with his new camera). We found a bunch of good hikes to do tomorrow after the rain is gone.

We did a shorter 1.5 mile hike this afternoon into the Black Elk Wildlife Preserve. It was really pretty with lots of granite walls, waterfalls, and streams to cross.